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Decentralised Transport (DeTr) will be developed by a range of people and organisations who are interested in sustainable transport. They will roughly fall into 3 overlapping topics:

  1. End users

  2. Transport providers

  3. Development

The initial focus will be to demonstrate a transition from private cars to sustainable alternatives, decreasing overall costs throughout.

A series of free introductory events will take place online, after which lead participants for each topic will work with the coordinator to steer everything towards the proof of concept demonstration.

Details of participating in subsequent events will be provided to everyone who joins the network (join here).

1. End users  (Link)​

  • Employees and employers​

  • Research and business park associations

  • Community healthcare providers

2. Transport Providers  (Link)

  • Bikes, DRT, PT, Car Clubs, Leased vehicles, liftshare

  • Original Equipment Manufactures

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

  • Local Authorities

​3. Development (Link)

  • App. development

    • Minima Global​​

    • Web3 developers

  • Prof of concept development

    • Project strategy

    • Demonstrations

    • Fundraising

    • Proof of concept planning


Timeline to a Proof of Concept

Screenshot (195).png
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