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Train station shuttles

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Transport Groups shift control and responsibility from providers to users: 

  • People who have compatible transport needs:

    • Same journey at the same time​

    • Same car at different times

  • Organisations that have:

    • Interest in a transport service being provided

    • Overview data

    • Communication links with travellers


Unlike transport providers, these users and organisations are able to manage the financial risks associated with a new service.

The new Compat-ble platform, which powers Transport Groups, also enables people to the link the savings made by owning fewer cars with a new service that they share financial responsibility for.

Compat-ble turns the development of transport on its head, from something that is done top-down to something that is done bottom-up. (although 80% of transport is already provided bottom-up using private cars) 

Reduced cars, reduced costs, reduced carbon

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