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Paying per mile 

  • Works better for diesel and petrol vehicles, which have high running costs

  • Requires a trip logger fitted to the vehicle to calculate what each driver should pay

Paying per hour

  • Works better for electric vehicles which have high fixed costs

  • Requires charging facilities, but more likely that one of two drivers has off road parking

  • Pay per hour can be done via the booking schedule straight into the vehicles dedicated bank account


Dedicated back account

  • Payments by drivers can be made into a new bank account, dedicated to the car. Monzo and Sterling are quick and easy to set up


Trip loggers

Kinesis trip loggers can be fitted to Shared Assess Vehicles to record the number of miles driven by each driver. This data is used to distribute the total cost of the car on a Pay-Per-Mile basis.

The next version of Compat-ble will use the mobile phone of a driver and a 'Beacon' in the vehicle to record the trips they make using that vehicle. It also will be possible for passengers to use this and pay their proportion of the vehicle's total costs. However converting to electric makes more sense to pay per hour though the booking schedule. 

To request a trip logger, call 07787 950629

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