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Decentralised Transport

Using new transport services changes the compatibility of drivers to share access to fewer cars, which increases the efficiency of transport provision. But there is a transition during which new services and the original number of cars are both provided at the same time. If this transition takes place in the real world, overall costs are increased, presenting a barrier to change. People can use Decentralised Transport to establish their compatibility online by exchanging tokens representing their private car use for tokens representing the use of sustainable alternatives that have not been provided yet.

By running their own node on Minima's decentralised blockchain, users can create and exchange tokens that integrate future supply and demand of sustainable transport. The effect is to link the future savings, made by owning fewer cars, with the development of services that make it possible to own fewer cars.

Decentralised Transport changes the whole transport marketplace and developing it needs to involve people and organisations from all aspects of transport use, provision and development. The aim of the Decentralised Transport Network is to combine all of these with the initial objective of delivering a proof of concept demonstration.

Link to a more detailed description.

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