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Events are divided into 4 topics. Examples of participants in topic each are shown below. A schedule of events is provided to everyone that joins the network (join here). The objective it to develop and demonstrate a proof of concept trial.

1. Transport Providers creating and exchanging tokens (Link)

  • Bikes, DRT, PT, Car Clubs, Leased vehicles

  • Original Equipment Manufactures

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

  • Transport professionals

  • Local Authorities

2. End users creating and exchanging tokens (Link)​

  • Employees and employers​

  • Research and business park associations: 

​3. Decentralised blockchain (Link)

  • Minima Global​​

  • Web3 developers

4. Project development (Link)

  • Project architecture

  • Fundraising

  • Proof of concept planning


It is initially planned that each of these topics will have one event per month for six months. Introductory events will be online and last around one hour, the nature of subsequent ones will be decided by participants. The output of this will be one or more proof of concept trials.

Each topic event will have a lead individual who represents that topic in some way. There will be increasing overlap between topics as the events progress towards a proof of concept demonstration.

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